Hive Share Program

Albion Hills Community Farm Hive Share

The Albion Hills Community Farm has purchased three bee hives. These hives will be used for pollination, honey production and education. The farm is offering $50.00 hive shares to people interested in learning about and participating in the care and maintenance of honey bees.


What you get:

• An indoor presentation on honey bee behaviour, hive equipment, and the benefits and responsibilities involved in beekeeping. Thursday, August 8 from 7 to 8:30 pm with alternative dates to be determined as needed.

• Opportunities to visit the hives in a small group to see the bees in action, handle frames of bees, and learn about how the hive functions. This will include the roles of the bees, comb inspection and equipment design. You will book a mutually agreeable time to come for this hive visit.

• Invitations to participate in ongoing maintenance tasks (e.g. preparing hive boxes, pest control, winter preparation and extraction of honey).

• One to three jars of honey depending upon production.


This is a reduced cost introductory offer of a program that we hope to offer for the full season starting next year. The hives are still relatively small so a honey crop is not a certainty at this time. If we have to leave all the honey for the bees you will still get a jar of local honey. All outdoor plans are weather dependent.

The program will be directed by Steve McElroy, a member of the farm’s volunteer Board of Directors. He has managed a similar number of hives and has taken students on hive visits at a Toronto District School Board outdoor education centre for fifteen years. He has also been taking farm visitors to visit Carlton Allen’s on-site commercial apiary for the last few years.

Protective bee equipment will be provided. The number of large suits is limited. Ask for details on $100.00 family/organizational memberships, and $10.00 bring-a-friend opportunities. Spaces are limited. For more information on how to book a membership email

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