CSA Program

Our community supported agriculture (CSA) program is a mutually beneficial program between our Farm and customers. It is a program where customers commit to buying a weekly share (box of vegetables) directly from our Farm from around mid-June to mid-October (frost depending!). In exchange for your seasonal financial contribution, we offer you high quality, ecologically grown vegetables delivered to a convenient location. See our CSA order form for details of pricing.

5 Reasons to Purchase a CSA share:

CSA share week 9

CSA share for week #9 2015

1. Convenient.
Every week a box of delicious veggies will be waiting for you at a convenient location.  It’s as simple as that.

All of our veggies are harvested with care at the peak of their ripeness and delivered to you the same day they are harvested.  Not only will you receive many of  your favourite veggies, you may get to try something new.

3. Natural and Sustainable.
Although we are not “certified” organic we follow organic and ecological practices.  We care about your health as well as the health of the land.

4. Support Local Agriculture.
As a CSA member you know your dollars are going to support local sustainable agriculture, protect Caledon’s valuable farmland and employ some great people in the process.  The CSA model allows us to share in the risks and rewards of farming with you.  Weather and other factors may mean that some crops do not do well some seasons but when we get a bumper crop of something so do you!

5. Community.
They don’t call us a Community Farm for nothing.  As a CSA member expect to be invited out to potlucks and workbees and other great events.  We consider you a part of the team and we certainly could not do what we do without you.  We encourage you to come out to volunteer at least once during the season.  We value your input.  Rest assured you will not only “know your farmer” but you will get to “know your community” a bit more as well.

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