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Price List -

CSA Share (on farm pick-up): $600

CSA Share (Bolton pick-up): $650

CSA Share (Orangeville pick-up): $650

CSA Share (Southfields Market pick-up): $650

Flexishare*: $300 (on farm pick-up).

* The Flexishare is for those who would like to support our early season costs but for whom a weekly share for the whole season is not practical. You simply visit our on-farm stall during opening hours and select the vegetables you would like for that week. We keep a tally for you of how much of your Flexishare you have spent. You will be added to our CSA mailing list so that you receive our weekly share newsletters.

Click here for a list of what we grow!

For Corporate or other large group orders, please contact us to discuss the delivery fee to your location before placing any orders.

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We welcome workshares: hard-working, dedicated and enthusiastic people who would like to help us out on our busy harvest days (Wednesday) every week, in exchange for their veggie share (or half-share)! This is a substantial commitment; the CSA delivery will depend on your consistent support throughout the season. Phone Shannon to arrange a visit if you are interested: 647 981 6281

Cheques should be mailed to:

Albion Hills Community Farm, 16555 Humber Station Road, Caledon L7E 3A5

or pay by PayPal

(if you are interested in paying in installments, or by email transfer, contact us at info@albionhillscommunityfarm.org to make arrangements)

Pick-up locations:

1. Farm (16555 Humber Station Road) Thursdays 4 – 6pm

2. Bolton (The Exchange, 55 Healey Road) Thursdays 4 – 6pm

3. Orangeville (Aardvark Music) Wednesdays 5 – 7pm

4. Southfields Market (415 Dougall Ave) Thursdays 4 – 6pm

Member Responsibilities

Once a week we drop boxes at the designated pick-up sites and members pick up their share at the same site each week throughout the growing season.

It is your responsibility to bring your own boxes or bags and pick up your veggies each week, or have someone else pick them up for you. If you cannot make the pick-up you have the option of donating your box that week or picking it up at the Farm; you must let us know in advance.

We do not issue refunds or refills for people who are not able to pick up all of their boxes; however, if an issue arises at the beginning of the year we can make an exception if we can replace your share with another interested member. If you are unable to participate in the middle of the year, it is your responsibility to find a replacement household.

Unclaimed boxes will be donated to local charities so if you miss a week and cannot find a replacement you can rest assured that your veggies will go to someone in need.

CSA share for late season, 2015

CSA share for late season, 2015

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