Asian-Style Chard

Asian-Style Chard

From Hawthorne Valley Farm

This recipe is delicious served over rice or soba noodles, with miso, or eaten alone.

1 bunch swiss chard (cleaned)

1 T peanut oil

1 T garlic (minced)

1 T soy sauce

black pepper (freshly ground)


Cut off and discard thick stem ends of chard.

Cut out ribs

Chop ribs into 2-inch pieces, set aside ina pile

Stack the leaves in small piles, coarsely chop them.

Heat oil in large skillet over medium-high flame.

Add ribs

Toss and cook 1-2 minutes

Add leaves and garlic

Continue to cook, tossing often until chard begins to wilt, 2-3 minutes

Stir in soy sauce and hoisin sauce

Cook until chard is tender, 1-3 minutes longer

Pepper to taste.

Serve immediately.

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