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The Allotment Gardens are fully booked for the 2021 season. On occasion, a gardener will change their plans during the season and a plot becomes available. We also have some gardeners who decide not to renew for the following year. We offer the plots to those on the waiting list first. Please use to request placement on the waiting list.  When you rent an Allotment Garden plot at the Farm you are agreeing to abide by the terms in this agreement.  AHCF CG Agreement 2021 

Please see COVID-19 related information about allotment gardening in 2021 COVID-19 protocols 2021

BEFORE visiting the farm, registered allotment gardeners, volunteers and staff must complete a COVID-19 self-assessment. Self Assessment Checklist – translated

Albion Hills Community Farm (aka The Farm) has set aside 2 plus acres for Allotment Gardens. For a modest annual fee individuals, families, school and community groups from the Town of Caledon and surrounding areas can rent a plot of land for growing their own food. We have a variety of plot sizes available – a few were previously cultivated, but most new plots were surveyed from the fallow fields and will require a lot of grooming before they will be ready to plant.  Although we have hungry wildlife, vigorous weeds and mandatory organic practices, more than 50 allotment garden plots are the pride and joy of the 100+ gardeners who successfully grow crops on this land.

Allotment Gardeners benefit from learning opportunities, shared tools and from getting to know other Allotment Gardeners. Becoming part of the Allotment Gardens means sharing knowledge and skills and spending time with friends and family at our beautiful Farm. Allotment Gardeners are expected to volunteer time to help with upkeep of paths and facilities.

Being part of the Farm community

The Market Garden is the main source of income for the Farm and is essential to making it possible to offer Allotment Garden plots. The Market Garden can only thrive with help from volunteers, so you are invited to learn about it and get involved; whether through helping with sowing, weeding, harvest, end-of-season clean-up, or countless other ways. Our Farm Manager, Karen, and many of our volunteers, are very knowledgeable and you will learn a lot when you spend some time working and talking alongside them.

Need a ride/ Offer a ride?

There’s no public transport to our tranquil spot in the hills so if you don’t have a car it is difficult to get to the farm. Please don’t be put off, we may have a solution within our community – if you need a ride, please contact us and we will put you in touch with someone who can help. And if you can provide someone with a lift to the farm, please let us know so we can add you to our list of drivers.

Gift Certificates

If you know someone who might like an Allotment Garden plot, consider buying one of our Gift Certificates. These can be redeemed by the recipient in several ways, including as part-payment for an Allotment Garden. Find out more now.

Contact us at for more information.

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