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Our community of dedicated and enthusiastic volunteers is growing due to an increasing awareness of the farm in the local area and a general increase in interest in local, sustainable food production.

From 2011 until early 2021, the Community Garden and Education programs at Albion Hills Community Farm have been supported by substantial grants. These grants have supplemented the income from growing and selling vegetables, an operation which is not yet financially sustainable itself.

AHCF’s operations will still be supported in part by grants, but as we make progress towards financial sustainability we would like to engage local businesses, organizations and individuals as sponsors.

Through our sponsorship and donation program we ask you, as supporters of our goals and philosophy, to help us provide locally-grown, chemical-free food and education in vegetable growing! Our requests encompass a wide range of items from the very small to the very large, making it possible for all of our friends to contribute ….. cash or in-kind.

“Friends of the Farm” wish list

Less than $50:

Surplus bug spray (gotta protect our gardeners!)
Canadian Tire dollars
Straw bales for straw bale castle or mulch – $50 per big bale
Small garden tools (used or new)
Perennial vegetable/fruit plants
Chicken-feeding equipment

$50 – $100:

Veggie bags with AHCF (and your) logos
Cordless drill
Large garden tools (used or new)

$100 – $500:

Signage for visitors (schools and the general public) – thank you, volunteers, for making some of these using found/donated materials!
Upgrade cold-store door
Lawn-mower for mowing paths
Outdoor classroom seating, materials and installation (logs or similar)
Sponsor a class visit
Sponsor a talk with specialist speaker/an educational workshop
Composting bins: materials, design, labour, workshop costs, signage
Chicken hut and run

More than $500:

Deer fencing – various options, some less expensive
Lawn tractor (new or used) to mow paths and/or pull trailer loaded with veg from field to barn
Trailer for lawn tractor above
Corn maze (cost of planting, cutting etc)
Cold-store expansion
BCS Power harrow
Composting toilet plus hut
Replacement for the coverall (for storage and meeting/teaching area)
Kitchen for processing of produce


The above estimates of value are approximate. Cash donations for general use would also be very gratefully accepted!

To make a cash donation now select your donation amount here

If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring/donating one of the above, or proposing sponsorship of a project not covered above, please contact us at info@albionhillscommunityfarm.org

Thank you to all those who have generously donated items and cash to help the farm thrive!

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