A volunteer’s perspective

My name is Lexie, and I discovered Albion Hills Community Farm while researching the Volunteer Job Board on the Peel School Board site.  I wanted to get a head start on my community hours and this was the perfect place for me,  since I love being in nature and I care about the environment .
I started in the beginning of August and several weeks later I had worked 42 hours.  Volunteering at the farm was a very eye opening experience.  It was very hands on and hard work, but it’s very rewarding in the end to see all your progress pay off.    Over several weeks I got to prepare beds as well as weed, plant, harvest, hand wash, dry, and  package vegetables for the CSA and market.  I got to work alongside many wonderful people, such as the farm manager Shannon and other workers.
Shannon taught me all the different aspects of agriculture.   I was taught a variety of recipes and shown many different vegetables that I had never seen or heard of before.  I learned all about life on a farm and how to use various tools and techniques.   By volunteering at Albion Hills Community Farm, I was able to fully appreciate all the time, dedication, teamwork, and effort that goes into the preparation to get healthy, fresh, and delicious locally grown vegetables.  At the end of the month after meeting some very passionate people, not only did I finish my community hours but I became more knowledgeable about agriculture.    I will definitely donate more of my time in the future to this awesome place. I highly recommend volunteering here!
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