Job Posting:  General Manager for Albion Hills Community Farm

 Albion Hills Community Farm (AHCF) a non-profit, 13.5 acre community farm located on Toronto and Region Conservation lands within the Albion Hills Conservation Area in Caledon, Ontario.  AHCF has a market garden with direct sales from a summer CSA program, retail outlets and markets.  It has an established vibrant community garden program with over thirty garden plots.  AHCF has an education program for children, youth and adults.  The program is targeted to:  basic gardening and farming skills; school class visits; corporate volunteer days; CSA work-shares; and, co-op placements. AHCF has created a new General Manager position to begin winter 2016. 

The Position

The ideal candidate will have three main attributes:

The General Manager will be responsible for overall operations with a special focus on fundraising, marketing and financial controls. This position will be supported by the Board of Directors, Farm Manager and other staff and volunteers. The person will be expected to embrace diversity and be able to work with people from all walks of life.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Resource to the Board of Directors 
  2. Financial Management
  3. Fundraising
  4. Services, Programs and Infrastructure
  5. Farm Operation
  6. Outreach and Awareness Building

 Qualifications and Skills

Position Details

This position will begin as soon as possible. It is a full-time contract position until December 31, 2016, with a potential extension for 2017. Salary will commensurate with experience. There is no housing or housing allowance included as part of compensation. AHCF is not accessible by public transit.


Applications for the position will be accepted until February 12, 2016 at 5 pm. Interviews will be held on February 17 or 18th in Caledon, Ontario.  Please send applications and/or questions to Karen Hutchinson at karen at and include ‘AHCF General Manager Position’ in the subject line. 

AHCF is committed to employment equity.  Only those applicants being considered will be contacted. Thank you for your interest in AHCF. 




Medicine Wheel Garden (C6-7)

This area is inspired by traditional Indigenous Medicine Wheel gardens. The four quadrants represent the four directions and four seasons. We created this garden to provide an opportunity to learn, teach and honour traditional Indigenous practices, perspectives and being.

  • North – Kiiwedingong: This section represents the winter. The winter is the place of wisdom, The bear teaches about fasting as it hibernates and rests throughout the winter months. Sweetgrass is braided to remind us of the strength we gain when our mind, body and spirit is balanced.
  • East – Wasbingong: This section represents the springtime and new life. The eagle is the messenger between the people and the creator and teaches us we need to be thankful for creation and to live in a good way. Life is a gift. To honour that gift we have been given tobacco. Tobacco is used as a sign of thanksgiving and to remind us to be grateful and humble for all aspects of life.
  • South – Zhaawanong: This section represents the youth, summertime and nurturing. The deer teaches us the importance of generosity and sharing, The cedar is used as a cleansing medicine for the body and soul.
  • West – Epangishmok: This section represents the adult stage, autumn harvest. West is the berry stage. It is here the growth from the summer has come to ripen. The berry teaches us forgiveness and peace. It honours the cycle of death and rebirth. The buffalo teaches us to look within ourselves for guidance. Sage is used by Indigenous people to clear their minds and hearts, preparing for the rest of life’s journey.
  • The Centre: The rose in the centre tells us that life is like a rose. The thorns remind us of the up’s and down’s in the journey of life. As the flower dies each year come winter, we remember that we too are reborn after self-reflection, dedication and acceptance. The centre reminds us to find balance in our own lives and maintain our fire within. How is your fire burning?


– Etobicoke Outdoor Education Centre